Our Story

Daniel was born in Kansas City (MO) and grew up in Vermont and Pennsylvania. He is the oldest of five children. In 1996 he graduated from Tunkhannock Area High School (Tunkhannock, PA) and a few months later left for a “short-term” missions trip to Italy, with the goal of testing out the broadcasting waters before heading to college to study mass-media and communications. This “short-term” trip turned into a 6 year internship and a lifelong commitment.

Elizabeth was born and raised in Perugia, Italy as an MK. She is the youngest of four children, and is the only girl. In 2001 she graduated from Istituto Tecnico Attività Sociali – G. Bruno (Perugia, Italy) with an emphasis in languages (Italian, English, Latin, French, German). In 2002 she received her diploma in flute from the Conservatory of Music of Perugia.

Through the years Daniel and Elizabeth’s friendship deepened and many conversations made clear a mutual desire to spend the rest of their lives in Italy. Shared goals and direction in life brought them to a certainty that God wanted them to pursue together His will for their lives. Their commitment was to God and to each other, to serve Him full-time, using God-given gifts and abilities to reach the Italian people with the gospel of salvation by grace alone. They chose to go to Bible college to train for their life of ministry together.

In 2002 Daniel and Elizabeth began studying at Baptist Bible College (Clarks Summit, PA). They were engaged in August 2002 and were married on December 27, 2003 in Perugia, Italy. Elizabeth graduated in 2005 with a B.S. in Bible and Pre-Counseling. Daniel graduated in 2006 with a B.S. in Bible and Missions.

In 2006 Daniel and Elizabeth were sent by Summit Baptist Bible Church (Clarks Summit, PA) to candidate school at Baptist Mid-Missions (Cleveland, Ohio).

They are preparing to go back to central Italy as full-time missionaries, to assist the Italian church in making disciples of Jesus Christ.